Roemeense & Letse invloeden bij RB-Media

Geschreven op 23 september 2019

Dit jaar mogen wij twee talentvolle stagiaires uit Roemenië en Letland ontvangen. Ze gaan ons het komende half jaar versterken in het development team. We stellen ze graag aan je voor, maar dit keer wel in het Engels.

I spent my first 18 years in my home country Romania and after that I decided to get out of my comfort zone and continue my studies in Denmark as a Software Engineer.

I can say that my first two years of university were magic and I did learnt a lot but unfortunately I had a small part of my curriculum tangent with I am doing at RB-Media and I am really happy for that. I have the chance of owning experience in two branches of IT by working as a Developer and an Engineer.

I have a really long list of hobbies but the ones that I did put a lot of passion in are debating, entrepreneurship and reading. I like to experience new fields so I can get as much experience in a field as possible. My dream is to improve the current world we’re living in by offering efficient, lightweight and deployable IT solutions for the 21st century’s problems.

I am currently wishing for myself to become a Full Stack Developer even I am a Front End Developer on a daily basis. The aspect of the website is modelled by me in principal but I am diving right now into back end as well as I do like pure programming more than styling a website but I do think it’s really essential mastering both of them for becoming a Full Stack Developer.

I am really happy working at RB-Media because I am surrounded by warm and nice people, they are helpful and really driven for success. I could not wish for more from a workplace to be honest as I feel really nice and that could be seen in my work.

The Company bosses : Rudy and Jean-Paul are always in touch when somebody needs some help and I really appreciate that both of them are calm and understanding. I think they did a great job bringing the best people together and making them a family, a family to which I will belong as well for the next months !

I would recommend to anyone to pursue their dream career starting with RB-Media as it is indeed a professional workplace where fascinating projects are brought to life!


 I was born and grew up in the serene Baltic country of Latvia. I think Latvians got the opportunity to get the best cultural features from Europe and Russia – we are nearly same inadequate as Russians and reserved as Europeans.

After finishing school I found myself studying in Denmark, still not really sure how this happened as I knew nothing about Denmark before going there but it turned out to be a great place to start the new life.

I didn’t have hard times figuring out what I want to do in life as I discovered programming for myself in pretty early age which brought me to Software Engineering that I study now.

I really like doing mountain biking sometimes (when there are mountains around), I do stuck in video-games occasionally, but I also like to consider myself as an art belonging person. I am writing poems sometimes – this is my way to meditate. Topics? Everything I see with my eyes every day. I am also trying myself in design and it might see the light of the day soon, but … I will keep it a secret for now.

As for my internship at RB-Media, I consider it as a great opportunity to see how the real company is being run and how all the processes flow. I am taking the position of full-stack developer intern dealing with building structures and working with the styling of designed websites.

For me, the main difference in internship compared to studies is that the game is real: real customers, real projects, real tasks and deadlines. It is a good challenge to make myself correspond to the requirements that are set and expected from me.

At the same time, I really appreciate the chance to be mentored by experienced people and get their  help and opinion in any questions: from the practical coding insights to explaining the processes of the project development.

Ik sta voor je klaar! Rudy

Algemeen directeur

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